Eyes-on Review: Acer Nitro XV282K KV 28″ Gaming Monitor

Acer’s Nitro XV2 includes 2 HDMI 2.1’s for high resolution and high framerate gaming

TF’s Console Gaming Subscription Guide ’21

With all of the subscription services available from Sony and Microsoft, which ones are right for you? We break them down for functionality and price.

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Play your old school SNES upconverted on modern TV’s with a 30 buck adapter.

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Done with Fighting Games

[Originally published on Sub Cultured as The Aging Gamer: Done with Fighting Games?] You can count on my having been an all purpose nerd for pretty much my entire life – to the tune of getting the call at age 10…

Xbox One Kinect Requirement Dropped

Seriously, I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t call their new console the Xbox 180, because that’s what they’ve been doing since their next console’s big reveal.  Which is both good and bad really.  Good in the sense that they’re actually listening to…

OK Kids, Let’s Talk Xbox One

Just a little while ago from their Redmond campus, Microsoft finally pulled the curtain and gave us all the big reveal on their successor to the Xbox 360 – The Xbox One, announcing that it will be available later in…

63. mobile casual vs console – those birds may be angry but they don’t know everything

what is a “casual game?”  the term has been around for a while, so it does actively differentiate itself from what could be considered a “standard” game.  i guess.  to me it means games that aren’t as in-depth or involved…