Details on Sony’s New PlayStation Plus Subscription Service

Last year in the scant availability of next-gen consoles, I found a bit of relief in XBOX Game Pass PC to be able to still play newer games as well as day one titles. And while Sony had PlayStation Plus…

TF’s Console Gaming Subscription Guide ’21

With all of the subscription services available from Sony and Microsoft, which ones are right for you? We break them down for functionality and price.

Hands-On Review: Razer Kishi Game Controller for Android

We love Razer’s Kishi controller for Android – play your existing Android games plus PS4 remote play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

We Deserve a Better Dead or Alive

An aging gamer wants better from his preferred fight franchise

Console Decision 2020: Sony or Microsoft?

Sony finally broke their silence today – now that we have the data, which 2020 console is for you?

Praying at the Church of the God of War

There are plenty of games I play where I can easily jump into the gameplay or story or post a few screenshots so that people can get the general gist of it. I can’t do that with God of War.…

Square-Enix trolls fans with Final Fantasy VII for the PS4

By now I’m going to guess that you’ve heard about the monkeyshines and shenanigans that occurred at the recent PlayStation Experience event.  But if not allow me to set the scene for you: Our boy Shinji Hashimoto from Square-Enix comes…

Microsoft Backpedals on Xbox One DRM Policies

Backpedal (verb): to retreat or move backward. Last night the internet saw Microsoft go into full backpedal mode on their DRM practices for the upcoming Xbox One in a post on their site titled“Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox…

Sony’s February 20th Announcement – I’m Calling PS4.

OK.  Sometimes when a company tries to do a big reveal, they go one of a couple different directions.  First is the Apple route – blacking out room windows in R&D, attaching test devices to desks at Apple HQ, and…

Sony’s VP of Awesome Settles Lawsuit Over Bridgestone and Mario Kart

Everyone loves a funny television commercial.  Regardless of what it’s advertising, humor holds people’s attention.  This is doubly true when the subject matter is of your interest.  So a few years ago when Sony presented Kevin Butler as their “Vice President of…