05. common damn sense: leggo my lego

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a tutor I was working with an American History student who had to make a visual aid on the "War Hawks" pushing for war against Britain in 1812. He was afraid to _draw_ arrows, part of their symbol on his project because of the school's zero tolerance policy.

    That's right, he was forced to be historically inaccurate because he might get in trouble for drawing a simulation of the ammunition of a weapon.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well isn't that toy like a gateway drug?

    It starts with an inert Lego gun.

    Then in a few years, he'll find on eBay some of the long-since discontinued black handled Lego pirate cannons that flick a cylinder a distance of 3.2 inches.

    Then he'll buy the (banned in USA) book that lets him build a semi-automatic Lego crossbow pistol completely from Legos and some rubber bands.

    I'm on step 2 only because that's what the Black Seas Barracuda came with.

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