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22. the hollywood whitewash

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  1. Lex says:

    Spot on assessment my friend. I'm really surprised by M. Night, I figured since he was an admitted fan of the anime he would want to keep the characters true to themselves.

    Your post reminds me of how of I felt when the Spawn movie came out 97 and the character Terry Fitzgerald, a black man in the comics, was turned into a white man for the movie. Mcfarlane stated the change was made because the studio didn't want too many black leads for fear that people would label it a "black movie". They even offered an extra $20M for the movie budget if Terry was made white.

  2. Jason says:

    I don't think it's entirely fair to bring up Dragonball: Evolution. There is far, far too many things deeply wrong with that movie to worry about the race of Goku… besides, Goku was a Saiyan, not Japanese. In point of fact, I don't know if ANY character's race was ever clearly identified in that series, except for Mr. Popo and Commander Black.

    While the characters all speak Japanese, keep in mind that's only because the AUDIENCE is Japanese. There are TONS of anime titles around where the characters should clearly be speaking English, French, German, Chinese or any of a dozen other languages, but they end up speaking Japanese because it was made for a Japanese audience.
    Black Lagoon, Monster and Gunsmith Cats all come to mind.

    As for the racial bending as a whole, look on the bright side: you can always claim those movies suck BECAUSE they star white people.

  3. tushar says:

    thanks lex, somehow i forgot to mention spawn in this – a black man in a starring role doesn't exactly make it SHAFT – which for the record, was awesome. i can't really blame mcfarlane though, $20M is a big chunk to tack onto a movie budget. but i am really glad he was open about the reasoning, and not trying to hide behind "well the rest of the cast is diverse."

    and jason even if we take dragonball off of the table as far as intent, there's still a pretty big list.

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