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28. gaming, society, and politics: medal of honor

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the point of one team must be good and the other bad is incorrect. Take America's Army, which ever team you are on, attacking or defending, you see yourself and your teamates rendered as the army and the opposing team is rendered as insurgents. So which ever side you are on you are always shooting "the enemy".

  2. tushar says:

    hi anonymous, thanks for your comment! always love discussion on these. you know, when it happens.

    in multiplayer i completely agree with you – the objective is simply to neutralize the other team, be it attacking or defending. same with the whole "cowboys and indians" thing – players only care about who won.

    but based on the arguments of those who are speaking out against the game, my interpretation is more that they can't differentiate the multiplayer mode from the campaign missions, which is really why i wrote this.

    to people with familiarity in the FPS genre this isn't an issue but there are others who are very easily influenced by the key words like "taliban" – even in a game rated for players 17 and up in the states.

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