So far, you’ve read about TF style and seen Tushar’s ballin’ Star Wars jacket in the last article. However, geek style is not limited to men, so it’s time to focus on the ladies – and what wardrobe is complete without the perfect carry-on or purse?

Let’s be real, when you’re headed to a convention or have a special event, there’s a lot of stuff to carry. A purse, after all, is simply a container to haul around your gear with style. And who has more style than Daenerys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones? After all, it takes a certain flair to be Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.  Every Khal Drago needs a proper queen to worship, so why leave him with all the great wearables?

As a huge fan of Anne McCaffery and a gal who’s loved dragons since I was a wee lass, the idea of having a dragon purse was first on my list of shopping choices. Below is an assessment of the Game of Thrones Drogon Purse, an exclusive at ThinkGeek. Full disclaimer, they gave it to me to review and I’m not giving it back.


Eye catching – this bad boy comes in a faux leather look with color shading from dark chocolate brown to lighter brown-reddish hues. The dragon wing is the flap closure which adds to the look. A Zipper closure for security is under the flap. Nice touch adding the Game Of Thrones logo hidden until the wing of the dragon is raised.

Decent size – At 11″ wide x 8 1/2″ tall x 2″ deep, I can get a large cell phone, a kindle sized tablet, some make-up, tampons and assorted pens in here with no problem.

Convertible – Attachable strap for use across the body or as a clutch. There’s also a cool spiky tale sewn into the bottom of the purse with ridges visible.

Durable – while it may look like scaly leather, this bag is Polyurethane, nylon, and PVC. That means I can spill my drinks all over it and they just bounce right off like an actual dragon hide. It is a bit stiff though. Don’t expect it to mold to your side or underarm.


Only one compartment – there is a pocket for your wallet or delicate items, however the rest of the stuff is going to roll around in there like a dryer on the spin cycle. -2 for nightclub and after-hours events where you end up hand fishing for your lipstick or any small items in the dark. +1 for having the inner lining look like the silver pattern of valerian steel.

Size – while also listed as a pro, this bag feels like it is having an identity crisis as too big or too small. It can’t decide if it’s going to be Dracarys, which means to “breathe fire”, for a sexy night out or be used as a messenger bag for mundane things like building a citadel. Another inch in size either way would tilt the scales. That’s what she said.


I am an extremely strict reviewer when it comes to purses as it took me a year to find one that fit my compartmentalization goals. I enjoy a high degree of organization of my items – consider that my iron throne would have a cup holder and a crown pedestal, so take this review in context. I would rate this purse as ideal for a night out with eye-catching results and a lot of praise and notice. Any special event is sure to be improved with your very own sleeping dragon under your arm. People will comment. However, for everyday use, I would look for something more mundane and smaller that you can toss in the corner or wedge between your body and a bus seat.

The Game of Thrones Drogon purse is available at ThinkGeek now for $49.99.

Thanks for reading and let us know what you think in the comments. Look for more TF style coming soon.

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