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47. guillermo del toro wants to make you cry

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  1. Rob says:

    I've been working on a similar (but very different) idea for years. The driving concept was to get the person playing the game to be genuinely unsure about their own emotions while playing the game. Really, bottom line, I wanted you to feel sick before doing something morally questionable or get truly upset when something happened to a character. The test of effectiveness would be in-game decisions. Every second longer it takes you to decide between path A and path B is a step closer to success for me. If you're making gaming decisions to get through it, you're not invested. I wanted my player so invested that it physically hurts them to see their characters harmed. I want it to be on the wrong side of borderline-unhealthy.

    (For your references, T, this is the game that I was trying to get that character interaction system working for. Now that I'm a bit more computer savvy, I've been looking to change it from idea to working software. I'll keep you posted.)

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