Comfortable Shoes, The Best Convention Companion

If you go to conventions frequently for video games or just business, then you know that standing and walking all day is work. As we move toward E3 and into the summer, you need the right gear to catch every game and hit every booth with speed. After all, there are thousands of crowd-crushing fans to outrun. I’ve been to PAX East/West/South/Prime, DragonCon, MegaCon, Metatopia, NY ComicCon nearly every year (and worked booths/spoke at many of them) so you can trust me when I say that comfortable shoes are really important.

That’s where VIVOBAREFOOT comes in. These are zero drop shoes which means that the soles are stable and thin, which helps with your agility stat by being able to feel the ground you are walking on. You need agility for things like avoiding that person with their head down trudging through the hall man-spreading. Now you’re likely saying, “but I don’t want to feel the streets of New York!” I get it – these won’t be like walking on concrete. It’s more like the best pair of wrestling shoes or – for the layman – shoes that let your feet breathe and expand like you were barefoot without the pain of scuffing your foot or blisters. Apparently there are 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet providing your brain with all the information it needs for skillful movement, or as skillful as a clumsy farm girl gets in my case.

This is the Primus Lite. It’s a shoe I wear every day and I am a girl who has a closet full of shoes. It has Breathable Recycled PET Mesh – to keep feet cool, and a thin durable sole. The idea is to follow the natural shape of the foot with the least possible interference of natural movement. Are your feet pointed like Tinker Bell? THEY ARE NOT, LADIES. Where did we get the idea that our shoes have to squish our toes into a triangle to be pretty? Ouch. Not to get all hippy dippy, but this shoe even uses recycled PET plastic bottles in its construction so you can help the environment while addressing that planar fasciitis, you dig? It also flexes to the point where you can roll it up and still deflects the wrappers, promotional flyers and occasional team buttons on every con floor. It’s fairly slip on for the lazy as well.


-It doesn’t hurt. For the ladies, this is really unheard of after all those heels and cute shoes

-It doesn’t cause blisters or dig into the side of your foot.

-The toe bows outward to accommodate the way your foot is made. No pointy triangles.

-It’s light, and doesn’t feel like you are wearing a shoe

-It’s cool. The mesh breathes well even with socks.

-It’s not a sneaker and it’s not formal but somewhere in between


-It’s not for every outfit. Even though mine is an older model and totally black, it doesn’t go with some skirts or fancier outfits. Pity.

-It’s expensive. At $130 bucks it’s a purchase you have to live with. There is a 100 day trial with a total refund on the site in case zero drop shoes just aren’t for you.

-It spoils you for all other shoes. Seriously, they’re so comfortable.

-They don’t grip as well as standard shoes so I don’t wear this model hiking. There are some on the site for this, but it kinda defeats the idea.

I am an avid climber and I’ve worn these to the rock climbing gym and they grip the wall fairly well (Not as well as my La Sportivas I grant you), I’ve run in these and they are extremely versatile. If you’re looking for a shoe you can take everywhere and goes with most clothing, then make this a convention companion. You won’t be sorry.

*This was not sponsored by VIVOBAREFOOT and no review model was provided*
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