The Windows 10 Technical Preview So Far

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  1. Jason says:

    Why no love for the number 9, Microsoft? Or is the problem that 7 8(ate) 9?
    Hrm… anyway these "virtual desktops" are clearly ripped from Mac OS X. Good to see MS is still following Apple's lead.

  2. Tushar Nene says:

    haha the current rumor is legacy code using shorthand to refer to windows 95 and 98 as "windows 9." i can't confirm that though. according to the microsoft answer it just sounds like they want no remaining association to windows 8.

    haha as far as virtual desktops, i was using them back in the day on GNOME and KDE linux environments before it was even a thing in OSX Lion 🙂 microsoft does have a utility called "desktops" that lets you run 4 desktops, but i've never used it on account of always having 2 large monitors of real estate.

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