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CES 2012! Toys for the Living Room and Your Mobile Life on Day 1

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  1. gman says:

    Speaking of TV’s, I noticed you mentioned the new “boxless TV” from Samsung. I agree that there are new ploys to keep consumers interested and I bet Samsung is hoping some hock shops will be filled with “old” 1080p Smart TV’s that don’t have the integrated connectivity with DirecTV multi-room DVR systems. I personally don’t see many people jumping on THAT bandwagon, however I do see people (slowly) ending up with those TV’s who don’t already have one of those new fangled HD TV’s. I doubt though that those DirecTV customers are aware that giving up their HR DVR receiver means less recording capacity with fewer DVR’s to share. Also, they can’t add an external hard drive to their HR receiver they have left since DirecTV forces a hard drive “replacement” of the existing capacity. That’s why I am more interested in the new Hopper from my employer DISH Network because the hard drive is an add on, as well as it has 50/200 hours more of HD/Standard definition recording time than the HR34. In addition, the “Joey” that replaces a receiver is smaller than an external internet modem.

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