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Do I Need to Upgrade to Windows 8? [tf charts]

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  1. Ocho says:

    Just like all the others, I will most likely be installing it on Day 1 and should have it fully installed by Friday night, if we're not busy. Also, the low price is only good until 1/31/13, after which it looks like all versions jump about 5x the price. (This FAQ seems to be pretty comprehensive on the topic… )

    So I see enough where I think it'll make a good upgrade, and jumping on it sooner rather than later is the best option if you are ever planning to upgrade at all.

    Also, is it just me, or does it look like Pro is the new Home Premium. There is almost nothing about Windows 8 standard… of course, that could be the equivalent of Windows 7 Basic, or just be something held for after 1/31.

  2. tushar says:

    i'll be getting it as well. used it for a while through TechNet, and you're right on the price. on versioning, they're a little weird on this release –

    Windows RT: for ARM systems
    Windows 8: the "home premium" version
    Windows 8 Pro: has domain join, encryption, in line with Windows 7 Pro
    Windows 8 Enterprise: Pro with windows to go, branch cache, direct access and some other stuff.

  3. Jamie says:

    Tushar, this made me laugh. Love it.

  4. tushar says:

    thanks jamie! something tells me it was one particular section you were chuckling at more than the rest of it haha

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