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Hands-on Review: Lenovo ThinkVision M14t Mobile Monitor

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  1. Tim Otto says:


    You mentioned that the monitor will flash for power on and then go dead. In this case, was the monitor with the power adopter plugged thru the other USB-C port ?

    1. Tushar Nene says:

      Hi Tim –

      Great question! I was running with a single USB-C cable with an adapter on it for the USB 3.0 in my laptop. Since there’s a USB-C on either side that might work. I’ll ask the engineers at Lenovo for you.

  2. Tim Otto says:


    But you mentioned the “flash on the go dead” case was with M14t connected with Samsung note 9. So what would the setting of “flash on the go dead” case ??

    I am thinking about buying one for connected M14t with samsung note phone only and wonder if this setting can be work.

  3. trio3tech says:

    Wow, the Lenovo Think Vision M14t Mobile Monitor seems like a game-changer for professionals on the move! Its sleek design and touch screen capabilities make it incredibly versatile for those needing productivity on the go. I can imagine how handy this would be for remote work or presentations. Lenovo continues to innovate, providing solutions that seamlessly integrate into our mobile lifestyles. Can’t wait to see more advancements in like this!

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