Hands-on Review: Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 Mobile Workstation

Lenovo’s second outing for the ThinkPad P15 is a great standalone mobile workstation

Valve Introduces Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Device

Valve enters the fray with their mobile gaming handset, the Steam Deck

Hands-on Review: Cooler Master SK622 Mechanical Keyboard

A couple of years ago we tested out Cooler Master’s SK621 portable keyboard and we were big fans. Today we’re looking at the 60% keyboard’s successor, the SK622, available at CM and Amazon right now at $119.9`9. And while a…

TF’s Favorite Things from CES 2021

CES 2021 was wholly digital this year, wrapping up a couple weeks ago, and we really have to commend the folks in charge for putting together a great show. Virtual product showcases and “booths” to visit were complete with chat…

Hands-On Review: Razer Kishi Game Controller for Android

We love Razer’s Kishi controller for Android – play your existing Android games plus PS4 remote play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Hands-on Review: Lenovo ThinkVision M14t Mobile Monitor

Lenovo’s touch-enabled ThinkVision M14t portable monitor is a bit of a hit to the wallet, but provides some tremendous value

AT&T Customer? Prepare to get Nickeled and Dimed (Pennied too)

I’m usually enraged with everyone that runs the show in the mobile consumer space. Over the years, I’ve found (as well as you’ve found I’m sure) that the major players do their level best to squeeze every copper penny out…

nVidia at PAX East: Project Shield Hands-On

Back in January we saw Project Shield from nVidia making its debut at CES in Las Vegas.  It was shown off as a mobile gaming device that looked like an Xbox controller with a screen conveniently attached to it for…

Tech, Law, and the DMCA (Part I of II) – Unlocking Your Phone is Now Illegal

I love technology and the explosion of mobile tech in the last decade – it’s allowed users in the United States and around the world to completely change and enhance the way we communicate and run our day to day…

Windows 8 RTM Part III – The Windows Spin on Social

[Article first published as Windows 8 RTM Part III – The Windows Spin on Social on Blogcritics.] Over the first two parts of this Windows 8 feature I described the OS as turning my laptop into some sort of giant phone.  Today…