83. World of Warcraft and Add-ons: the Fall of a Purist

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  1. Rob says:

    First, you are a sellout. I bet you use God-mode hacks in Doom. n00b

    Second, you need to find out what the game is tested with. If the testers are running the dungeons with no add-ons, then you should immediately uninstall DBM and start finding ways to succeed without it; if they're testing with DBM, then that is a minimum expectation of all players who challenge the content.

  2. tushar says:

    and if i was a solo player i would agree with you. the simple fact is that if you don't run DBM and/or other add-ons, you don't get raid groups. period. i completed everything through BC and Lich King add-on free including raids, as well figuring out all the cataclysm heroics and a couple of raid bosses add-on free through trial, error, and roughly 3 million wipes. as far as the testers who figured all of it out on their own – i wholeheartedly admit that they are just far better at the game than i am and more importantly have considerably more time on their hands. that said, there are probably only about 10 guilds in the world that can claim they've "beaten" various iterations of the game clean, because even if you don't used add-ons, you look up strategy. the one the original groups figured out on their own.

    otherwise, blizzard knows whats going on. they know that DBM is widely used as a raid tool, and after multiple runs through blackwing descent and bastion of twilight (well maybe not bastion of twilight) i'm convinced that they design some content around that.

  3. Rob says:

    You know why I never used add-ons? Because they're not needed to farm. Your raids can suck my nuts – I'll take a good 12 hour mat grind over a raid any day.

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