Razer x Marvel Captain America Controller Part of Multi-IP Product License

Captain America XBOX controller new from Razer with more collabs to come

Resident Evil Franchise Gets the Next-Gen Treatment

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 biohazard coming to PS5 and XBOX Series X|S

TF’s Console Gaming Subscription Guide ’21

With all of the subscription services available from Sony and Microsoft, which ones are right for you? We break them down for functionality and price.

Hands-On Review: Razer Kishi Game Controller for Android

We love Razer’s Kishi controller for Android – play your existing Android games plus PS4 remote play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Console Decision 2020: Sony or Microsoft?

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Xbox One Kinect Requirement Dropped

Seriously, I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t call their new console the Xbox 180, because that’s what they’ve been doing since their next console’s big reveal.  Which is both good and bad really.  Good in the sense that they’re actually listening to…

Xbox Doesn’t Just Want Your Living Room, It Wants Your Office

OK so Microsoft’s been through some interesting times since E3 to now regarding the Xbox One.  Seriously, I’m almost tired of typing the name of that console out anymore.  First there was the DRM.  Then there was the public outcry…

Microsoft Backpedals on Xbox One DRM Policies

Backpedal (verb): to retreat or move backward. Last night the internet saw Microsoft go into full backpedal mode on their DRM practices for the upcoming Xbox One in a post on their site titled“Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox…

US Military Ready to Court Martial the Xbox One

Remember a while back when former Xbox director Adam Orth put his foot in his digital mouth, tweeting to us all that if there is an always on connection (of course before they confirmed it) that we can all #dealwithit?  As…