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Xbox One Kinect Requirement Dropped

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  1. Ocho says:

    At this point, I'll just buy a Chromecast and get pretty much the same use my Xbox gets now. Microsoft pulling a 180 isn't a surprise at all. I said when they first released all the information that it was all stuff that sounded software related and thus could be changed. I get the feeling that they were just "testing the waters" with the huge leaps forward… but whoever thought they were going to get a positive response from all of that was delusional. If given the choice, a vast majority of people would've used the tech as designed. Take away that choice, people are up in arms. We like the new options, but we don't like being told what to do (which is moot, anyway, as we have the final say with our wallets to begin with). I agree, though, this at least puts the XB1 more on equal footing with the PS4 now, which still wins on price.

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